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Fic: Embracing Destiny (16/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (16/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Perry, Jimmy
Rating: T
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 5,300
Disclaimer: DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters, except for Joanne Kent and Samuel Hamilton; they’re mine. No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes: In this next chapter, Clark and Jason have a heart to heart, JoJo feels left out, and later the family finally has something to celebrate. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! :D

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Chapter 16: One Sweet Love

Just about the time the shadows call
I undress my mind and dare you to follow
Paint a portrait of my mystery
Only close my eyes and you are here with me
A nameless face to think I see
To sit and watch the waves with me till they're gone
A heart I'd swear I'd recognize is made out of
My own devices...
Could I be wrong? … (1)


The Watchtower space station, a few days later:

Along with the League, Teen Titans and Young Justice had all gathered in the Hall of Justice about to receive their new orders and as the case may be, their new members, as well. Conner, now fully recovered, was also there ready to get back to work.

Just before the big announcement, Clark and Jason managed to find a little time alone. Clark had taken Lois' advice and decided to talk to Jason about his future, but also to introduce him to Young Justice as an 'official' member of the team.

Jason was anxious and very excited about this new step in his life. He'd wanted this for as far back as he could remember. "Aren't we going to be late?" He asked his Father.

"We have a bit of time," Clark quietly replied. He briefly looked over his costume and he definitely liked it. It was similar to Conner's but with his own stamp on it. "I wanted to talk to you." He paused again. "Jason, I hope …"

Jason interrupted him. "Dad, I know what you're going to say."

Clark frowned. "You do?"

"Yes, I do. I know it's hard to accept that your children have grown up and will move on with their lives."

"That's part of it, yes, but what I wanted to say was … I hope you haven't felt neglected or pushed aside because of Conner."

"I understand, Dad. Conner is … special."

He touched his shoulder. "You are too, son," he told him firmly. "I guess what I'm trying to say is … I just … I wanted a different life for you and your sister."

Jason thought about it for a moment. "I haven't felt pushed aside, well, not since I was little. Besides, I can be a superhero and have a life out of the spotlight. You did it." He smiled at the look on this Father's face.

Clark chuckled. "I suppose I did." Returning his son's smile, he touched his cheek. "You really have grown up." He paused becoming emotional for a moment. "There was something else I wanted to tell you."

"What is it?"

He squeezed his shoulder. "Well, I have a Kryptonian name for you."

"Really, what is it?" Jason asked, dying to know.

Clark was about to tell him, but then there was a knock at the door. It was Bruce. "What's going on in here? Everyone's waiting. Let's go, NOW!"


Meanwhile, back at the Kent house:

The Kent ladies were putting the final touches on Martha's dress. They had decided to have the wedding here in Metropolis in their backyard. It was large enough. They would set up a huge tent with enough seating for a sit down dinner for about 50 people. The invitations had been sent, the flowers ordered, and the cake made.

Everything was done pretty much even JoJo's flower girl's dress was lovely, but JoJo's mind was not on the wedding. She was thinking about what was happening up in space. She felt torn. She adored her brothers, and she also envied them. A part of her longed to be in the wedding party, not only because of her dream, but the Kryptonian part of her wanted to be up there in space with her brothers becoming a member of a team to fight for truth and justice.

"Honey, JoJo? Where did you go just then? Hand me a pin." Lois asked her distracted daughter.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mom," JoJo replied, then she handed her the pin, still distracted.

Lois and Martha frowned. Martha understood. "I think we're done. Thanks, Lois, the dress is lovely."

"You're welcome Martha. Get some rest; tomorrow's the big day. Don't worry about anything; we'll take care of everything."

"I admit I am tired," Martha said. Then she gave Lois a look indicating she should talk to her daughter.

Lois got the hint then she hugged her mother-in-law close. "We'll see you at dinner."

Martha went over to JoJo and stroked her hair. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you too, Grandma," she said and gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.

Lois watched her daughter for a moment. "Come and sit down for a minute, honey."

"What is it Mom? We have a lot of stuff to finish up."

"The caterers are taking care of everything, honey. We have a few minutes."

JoJo shrugged her shoulders then sat down on the sofa. "Ok, what is it?"

Lois sat down next to her and took her hand. "You seem a bit distracted these past few days, well, since Conner's accident. Do you want to tell me what's on your mind?"

"Well, things are …" She hesitated.

"Things are what?"

"Things are different between Sammy and me," she admitted then lowered her eyes feeling a bit ashamed.

"What happened between you two?"

"Nothing really, but he said something."

"What did he say?"

"He told me that I was important to him, and I said the same thing to him, now things are weird."

Lois hid a chuckle. JoJo was far too young to understand. Now Lois had to explain it to her. "Honey, Sammy said that he liked you, and there's nothing wrong with that. You both like being friends. I'm sure he was just as confused as you are. Please don't dwell on it. Just think about the wedding, getting back to school after Spring break, and enjoy being young. There's plenty of time to think about all of that when you're older. Besides, I'm sure Kitty told him the same thing."

"Do you think so?" JoJo was relieved.

"Yes I do. Please don't worry about it. Now tell me how you would like your hair for tomorrow. Do you want it down or up?"

"I think up. That way it won't get into any food, and it won't get dirty."

"I agree, so let's go check the Internet for some up hairstyles that would suit you."

"Ok, Mom and thanks."

"Come here, sweetie," Lois murmured and gave her daughter a hug.

Then when JoJo stood up, she had a question. "Mom, when you said 'older,' how much older?"

Lois cleared her throat then straightened the magazines on the coffee table. "Ask your Father."


Meanwhile, at the Watchtower space station:

"Alright, everyone, quiet down and listen up!" After everyone had quieted, Batman had a few things to say. "Let's make this quick and simple. If there are any questions, keep them to yourselves until after the announcement." A few grumbles were heard. "First of all, I see no reason why, and the circumstances would have to be extreme, but I see no reason why we all couldn't work together."

Robin couldn't hold it in after that statement. "You can't be serious."

Batman was not in the mood. "I'm not finished yet."

Robin stiffened, but he held his tongue.

"What we are about to do is historic. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Young Justice was a benchmark, a beginning, and it's worked very well. You should all be congratulated, but going forward, there will be a few changes for the team. Superman and Wonder Woman have announcements concerning Young Justice and Teen Titans. Superman ...?"

"Thanks Bruce," Superman replied. He came forward and faced the Young Justice's team members. "You've all come a long way since the team was first put together, and we're proud of what you've accomplished." He then stood in front of Jason and hid a smile. "Everyone, this is Jon-El or Wonder Boy, my youngest son. In the past few weeks, Jon-El has proven to me that he's ready to take on the challenges of being a member of a team, and I believe that he's ready to begin his life as a superhero." He paused. "Welcome to the team, Jon-El."

Jason wasn't sure if he should say anything. "Thank you, Superman."

Bruce came forward again. "Diana …?"

"Thanks, Bruce." Diana moved over to the Teen Titans and stood in front of Kon-El. "Many of you know Kon-El or Superboy. Let me first say how happy we are that you are healthy and strong again." She paused. "Welcome to the team, Superboy."

"Thank you, Wonder Woman." Kon-El was very happy but sad, as well. He couldn't help it then he glanced at Megan.

Megan caught his look, so she tried to hold it in, but it was hard. She was going to miss him terribly.

Wonder Woman knew what was happening. Everyone was aware of how they felt about each other. "Megan Morse, come forward."

"Yes, Wonder Woman?" Megan replied, then stood before her ready for her assignment.

"Welcome to Teen Titans, Megan."

Megan was so happy she actually smiled. "Thank you, Wonder Woman." Then she went to stand beside Kon-El.

Kon-El faced forward not saying anything, but inside he was smiling from ear to ear.

Bruce came forward again. "Any questions?" Silence followed. "You're dismissed."


The teams were then separated and moved to special areas designed just for them by other members of the League. Green Arrow escorted Young Justice and J'onn escorted Teen Titans. The teams were each told that they had only a few minutes to talk before their assignments and that Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter would be their respective mentors.

Once inside, Young Justice was in a bit of turmoil. Aqualad was still their leader, but he was beginning to feel that Robin should be the leader. He decided it was time to take a vote. Once he got everyone's attention, Jon-El, Speedy, Artemis, Robin and Zatanna all came to stand before their especially designed meeting table.

"What's going on?" Robin asked.

"The team is obviously in transition, and I think a new leader is called for," Aqualad replied.

Robin crossed his arms. "And who might that be?"

"We'll take a vote, Robin."

"But I'm new here. It wouldn't be fair for me to vote," Jason stated.

"He's right. You won't be voting, Jon-El," Aqualad stated.

A few minutes later, anonymous votes were taken with slips of paper placed in a box. Jason was asked to count the votes because he hadn't voted.

A few minutes later, Robin was elected as their new leader, 4-1.

"Congratulations, Robin," Aqualad shook his hand as well as everyone else.

"Thanks, Aqualad," Robin said, very pleased and honored by the outcome. "Thanks, guys."

Suddenly, the monitors in their room began to beep getting their attention.

Zatanna turned to Jon-El. "Are you ready?"

"More than you know," Jon-El replied.

"Tell me Jon-El. Which name do you prefer, Jason or Jon-El?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Jon-El may take a bit of time to get use to but in the meantime, I like Jason," he replied smiling.

"I like Jason too." She returned his smile.

He took her hand. "Let's go."


Meanwhile, in the Teen Titans exclusive area, Superboy and Megan had their heads together, laughing and smiling.

"Did you know about this?" Megan had to ask him then looked into his smiling eyes.

"Not a clue," Kon-El replied also smiling.

"So you're happy that I'm here?" Megan suddenly realized that it was difficult to read him, especially now when she decided not to enter his mind like she use to.

"What do you think?" He then shocked her by leaning forward just a little and then he kissed her.


The next day at the Kent house:

It's the day before the wedding, and all the preparations had been made. All the decorations were up, the tent had been assembled earlier in the day and the caterers had taken over the house, meaning the kitchen was pretty much off limits for the entire family.

Lois glanced at her watch and wondered what was keeping Ben. The rehearsal dinner was in an hour. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. She peeked through the side panel on the front door, and it was Ben. Relieved, she opened the door.

"There you are, come in, come in!" She gave him a warm hug. "We're almost ready to go to the restaurant." She paused and stared at him for a moment. "Is everything alright? I'm sorry about the hotel. But we had no room here at the house."

"Please don't apologize, and I understand, but I need to speak to Martha before we leave, just for a few minutes."

"Of course, I'll go get her."

"Thanks, Lois," Ben said and watched her go up the stairs.

A few minutes later, Martha came down the stairs looking lovelier than he'd ever seen her. "Ben, we were worried. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, but … I missed you," he whispered in her ear pulling her close.

"I missed you too." She pulled back after a moment. "Lois said you wanted to talk?"

"Let's take a walk, ok?"

"Sure, let me get my sweater."


They walked down the street and watched the neighborhood children playing. It was still early springtime, and it was still daylight. They held hands, and walked along content just to be together again.

"Ben, we don't have a lot of time. What did you want to talk about?"

"Let's sit down for a moment." They sat down on a bench in a small neighborhood park with a play area for children. They both watched the children playing for a minute or two.

Sighing, he took her hand. Martha was starting to worry. "Ben, what is it?"

He decided to start at the beginning. "How long has it been Martha, I mean, since we met?"

She was curious where he was going, but she thought about her answer. "Well, since me and Jonathan moved into our farmhouse. It feels like forever ago."

He smiled remembering the first day they met. He reached up to touch her cheek. "You haven't changed, not to me."

"That's very sweet. Thank you." She paused. "Is that why you brought me out here … to lavish me with compliments? Not that I mind of course," she said and smiled.

"No, but I do have a question," he replied.

"Go on," she encouraged him.

"Why are we getting married here in Metropolis and not in Smallville?"

Martha tried not to be shocked by that question. They had discussed this. "I don't understand. We talked about having the wedding here in Metropolis. You said it didn't matter where we got married, just that we do." She looked him in the eye. "What is this really about, Ben?"

He squeezed her hand and tried to explain. "I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you would tell me, you know, the family secret. It meant the world to me."

She touched his cheek. "You mean the world to me, Ben. That's why."

He removed her hand from his cheek. "Martha, I've watched you these past few weeks, and I could feel how much you wanted to be here with your family then when you came back to Smallville, back to me, I knew your heart wasn't really in it. You wanted to be here in Metropolis with your family." He paused and watched her eyes feel with tears. He knew her so well. "It's alright, honey."

"Ben, I …" She hesitated, but she felt he needed to hear it. "I love you, Ben. You do know that, don't you?"

"Of course, I know that, honey." He pulled her close within his arms. "I love you too."

She snuggled under his chin. "What are we going to do?"

"I know we haven't really talked about this, but I may have a solution."

She pulled back and stared at him with a hopeful expression. "What is it?"

"I've thought this through and, what would you say if we sold the farms and moved here to Metropolis?"

Martha was truly shocked, intrigued, but shocked. Sell the farm?

He could see she was truly thrown by his question. "I know how much it means to you, but hear me out."

Martha sat back on the bench, sighed and thought about what this could mean. "I know what you're going to say. The farms haven't made money in years, we're too old to take care of them, not the way we want to, and I can't keep calling Clark to come down there to fix this and to fix that. He has his hands full twenty-four seven saving lives, plus any time he can spare should be spent with his family. I don't feel right about constantly asking for his help."

"We both know that Clark would never say no to you. That's just who he is," Ben concluded for her. "So you'll think about it?"

She turned to him then. "Yes, I'll think about it."

Relieved, he smiled and squeezed her hand. "Great, now I'm hungry."

"Me too," she chuckled then, arm in arm, they headed back to the house.


It was early afternoon the next day, and it was almost time for a wedding. The day dawned bright and clear, and the forecast was for a warm and sunny day and the temperature would be perfect too, just right for this time of year.

As Martha stood in front of the full-length mirror feeling a lot of things, but the one thing that made her smile was the feeling of being blessed to have found Ben Hubbard. Jonathan was the love of her life, but having Ben there with her at this time of her life meant everything to her.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the guest room door. It was Clark. "Mom, are you ready; everyone's waiting for you." He asked but stopped short when he saw her. She looked beautiful. The sleeveless gown they picked out was lovely, cream colored with a slightly low back, a scooped neck with just the right amount of lace on the bodice and on the hem. A small cream colored half veil adorned her head.

"Mom, you look amazing," Clark said, but the look on her face made him frown. Then he suddenly realized what she was thinking, and so he went to her and pulled her close. "It's alright to think about him. I was thinking about him too."

She hugged him back for a moment. "After all this time, I still feel him Clark, every day."

"Me too," he said and squeezed her hand. "Are you ready now?"

She took a deep breath, picked up her bridal bouquet, and turned to her son. "Yes, I am," she firmly replied.


Outside in the backyard, everyone was ready for the ceremony to begin. Lois and Clark could not help but overhear all the comments about the house and how beautiful everything looked. Lois felt very proud about that. The spring flowers were particularly lovely, they noted. The colors were gorgeous. Martha's favorites were everywhere. Lois spared no expense when she talked to the florist. It was her job to take care of this one thing, and it was the least she could do.

The most prominent flower and Martha's favorite was the gardenia, with its creamy white blooms and lustrous deep-green foliage. Martha actually gasped when she saw the beautiful flower arrangements all around her. Lois had truly outdone herself.

It was almost time to begin. Everyone was in place. Jo stood at the back door, closed her eyes for a moment and of course, she thought of her dream. She then opened them and there down in the front row was Sammy, Emil and Kitty all smiling and waving, encouraging her not to be nervous, and she wasn't, not at all.

Also, sitting down front were her Aunt Lucy, her husband, Ron, and her twin cousins, Amy and Angela. She could also see Mr. Olsen and his fiancé, Mr. White and his wife, Alice, and a few friends she remembered from her Smallville summers too. It was wonderful seeing everyone again.

Lois came up behind her and hugged her close. "You look beautiful sweetie. You feel ok?"

"Mom, I'm fine." She looked around. "Where's Grandma?"

"I'm right here, honey," Martha replied, just in time. "Look at you, honey. I love your dress." Jo's dress was a lovely shade of lavender which coordinated with the numerous flower arrangements all around the house and the backyard.

"Thanks, Grandma. I love your dress too."

And then the music began. "It's time," Lois announced to the happy group. She briefly glanced at her husband. They both remembered their wedding day so long ago. Clark smiled and winked at her.

Taking a deep breath, Lois started down the aisle as matron of honor, then after a minute, Jo came down the aisle, flower basket in hand, slowly dropping lavender rose peddles along the way.

Once Jo arrived at the gazebo and stood beside her Mom, the groom, Ben as well as the best men Connor and Jason arrived and stood with the Minister ready and waiting for the bride.

Then the wedding march music began, as all the guests stood up and waited for Martha and Clark to approach. They slowly made their way down the aisle as they smiled and nodded to everyone.

Once Clark and Martha stopped in front the Minister, began the ceremony, "Who gives this woman to marry this man?"

Clark smiled at his Mom. "I do." He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

Martha and Ben stood side by side then faced the Minister. He continued: "We are gathered here today to witness the union of Martha Kent and Benjamin Hubbard. If anyone can show just cause why they should not be joined together in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." He paused for effect. "Martha and Ben have chosen to speak their own vows. "Ben?"

They turned to face each other. Ben squeezed her hands and looked into her eyes.

Martha, I marry you with my eyes wide open. You have helped me let go of the past, and I embrace the future. Thank you for making me laugh again. Bless you for taking my hand as we begin anew."

I offer myself to you as a partner in life. I vow to love you in sickness and in health. I commit myself to encourage you in good times and in bad. I will cherish and respect you all the days of our life together. Starting anew once again, I give thanks that I have found you. May our marriage be a gift to the world and our families, as your love is a gift to me.

God has given us a second chance at happiness. I come today to give you my love, to give you my heart and my hope for our future together. I promise to bring you joy, to be at home with your spirit and to learn to love you more each day, through all the days of our lives.

The Minister turned to Martha. "Martha …?"

Taking a deep breath, she smiled at her fiancé.

My wonderful Ben, because of you, I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again. I look forward with great joy to spending the rest of my life with you, caring for you, nurturing you, being there for you in all life has in store for us, and I vow to be true and faithful for as long as we both shall live.

Since I have found you, I have found a new life. The decision to commit to share that life with you is one I make happily and with full confidence in our love.

God has given us a second chance at love. I come today to give you my heart and my hope for our future together. I promise to bring you joy, to be at home with your spirit and to learn to love you more each day, through all the days of our lives.

They both smiled even though their eyes were bright.

"Now, we will have the exchanging of the rings," the Minister said and looked to Conner and Jason. He then blessed the rings. Martha handed her bridal bouquet to Lois.

Ben took his ring and held it over Martha's left hand. "With this ring, I thee wed," he said and put the ring on Martha's finger.

Martha did the same for him. "With this ring, I thee wed," Martha said, and put the ring on Ben's finger.

"Let us pray." After speaking the prayer, the Minister continued, "What, therefore, God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. Insofar as Martha and Ben have spoken their vows each to the other, and have exchanged rings, by the power vested in me by this state, I now pronounce them husband and wife. Ben, you may kiss your bride."

He took her into his arms and kissed her. She kissed him back then after a moment, they both pulled back and smiled eyes still bright. Applause and cheers were heard then they turned and came down the aisle as Mr. And Mrs. Ben Hubbard.

The dinner reception was a lovely celebration for the happy couple. A dance floor had been set up with all kinds of music, but mostly contemporary and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Suddenly, Martha leaned over to her fiancé and asked a question. He nodded. They both stood up and came over to Lois and Clark who were talking to their boss, Mr. White.

"Could be steal these two away for a moment, Mr. White?" Ben asked politely.

"Of course," Perry replied.

"Lois, Clark, your Mother and I have been thinking. Before we head out on our honeymoon, we wanted to leave you both with a question. Martha and I feel as this is our time to be together and …" He hesitated.

Lois and Clark glanced at each other. "What is it, Ben?" Clark worriedly asked.

"Clark, we were thinking about … ummm …" Martha also hesitated, wondering how he would take the news.

Lois decided that now was not the time. "Martha, it's your wedding day, and if it's something sad, we don't want to hear it," Lois told her. "Ben, don't you owe me a dance?" She didn't wait for an answer but took his arm and pulled him out onto the dance floor.

"But Clark, its important …" Martha tried again, but Clark wasn't having it either.

"Mom, Lois is right. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful trip. We'll talk when you get back. Ok?" Clark asked, leaving no room for discussion. He held out his arm to lead her out onto the dance floor.


Several hours later, it was getting late in the evening, and a few guests were preparing to leave the reception.

"Go on, Sammy, ask her," Kitty encouraged her son.

"Mom, leave it alone," Sammy said, but inside he wanted to ask Jo for a dance.

Suddenly, he looked up from picking at his piece of wedding cake to see Jo standing on the other side of his table patiently staring at him. He couldn't help but notice that she'd danced with just about all the men at the wedding, including her Dad, her new Granddad, her other Granddad, the General, even Conner and Jason, but now here she was staring at him with an expression that said she'd run out of patience.

Sam returned her stare. She glared at him then he glared right back, but they both knew what was coming.

"Would you like to dance?"



Note (1): One Sweet Love, Sara Bareilles

Note (2): Bride and Groom Wedding Vows, Idotaketwo(dot)com

A/N: That was a lot of fun. If its not obvious, I love 'SammyJo' so much, but I wonder which one asked for a dance? What was Clark's reaction to selling the farm? You have to come back and read the last chapter to find out. The final chapter will also be a look into the future, seven years into the future to be exact. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading everyone. Until next week! Reviews are love..! :D:D

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