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Fic: Embracing Destiny (11/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (11/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Perry, Jimmy
Rating: T
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 4,400
Disclaimer: DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters, except for Joanne Kent and Samuel Hamiliton; they're mine! No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes: In this next chapter, Lois finally wakes up but something wasn’t right, and later, Clark needed his friends more than ever, but not in the way you may think. Please read and review. Thank you! :D

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(Chapter 1)(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)(Chapter 4)(Chapter 5)
(Chapter 6)(Chapter 7)(Chapter 8)(Chapter 9)(Chapter 10)

Chapter 11: Whatever It Takes

People say, love comes and goes
But they don't understand what they don't know
'Cause what I feel starts deep inside
It's kinda like a seed that springs into life
They say, it's not right and we move too fast
But they don't know the meaning of what we have
Wherever it is, I'll fly
Whatever it takes, I'll try
So don't pay no mind to whatever people say
Whenever it is in my life
Know that I will be on time
'Cause you know why there's no standing in our way… (1)


Metropolis General Hospital, a few hours later:

Lois hadn't awakened from her healing sleep and her doctors were beginning to worry. Her symptoms when she was first brought into the hospital had her physicians concerned. They knew that she had been exposed to temperatures below freezing and they took that into account. Superman had informed them that she had been warmed up slowly and it appeared to have worked, but now he was really worried about her.

Clark and the kids were in her room and had been there most of the night. He tried to get them to leave but they had refused. Even JoJo was determined to stay and he needed them here with him. He needed them so much.

Jason and Conner came into the room carrying food for their family. "You have to eat something, Dad." Jason hated to see him like this.

"I can't eat." He took her hand in his. It was warm, but she hadn't awakened.

Suddenly, her eyes fluttered open for just a moment.

Clark stood up. "Go get the doctor, Jason."

"Lois, Lois, it's me. Wake up, that's it. Open your eyes."

"Clark?" Lois murmured struggling to focus on his face.

"Yes, honey, it's me."

Lois frowned at him as if she were upset, then she pulled her hand from his.

Clark was confused and hurt by her actions. "Honey, are you alright? I … I was so worried."

She didn't appear as if she could look at him, as she turned her head to the wall.


The doctor came in then. "Mrs. Kent, I see you're awake. How are you feeling?" When she wouldn't or couldn't answer him, he put his stethoscope in his ears. "I'll need a few minutes to examine her. Please wait outside."

"But … she's my wife and … she needs me." Clark was so worried.

"Just for a minute, Mr. Kent," the doctor stressed.

After a few minutes, the doctor came out of her room and approached the anxious family.

Clark was the first to speak. "How is she? Why did she react to me like … like she hated me or something?" His heart constricted after speaking those words.

"Mrs. Kent seems fine physically, but emotionally, she may be suffering from a disorder. We call it PTSD … it means …"

Clark was devastated but he managed to hold himself together for his children. "I know what it means doctor."

JoJo pulled her Father's sleeve. "Daddy, when can Mommy come home?"

Clark squatted down to eye level with his daughter. "Mommy will be home in a few days, sweetie. She needs to rest for a little while longer." He stood up then. "Conner, Jason, take your sister home. I'll be there in a few hours."

"But Daddy, I want Mommy." JoJo whimpered as tears sprang into her eyes.

Barely holding it together, Clark picked up his little girl, closed his eyes for a moment to get some control and then he kissed her cheek. "Try not to worry, sweetie. She'll be alright in a few days."

"Call us if anything changes, you promise?" Jason asked, trying not to get upset. He could see how worried his Father was.

"I promise," he replied and tried to smile. "Go on, I'll see you all later."

Clark watched as JoJo and Jason enter an elevator and headed home.

But Conner was rooted to the spot. "I'm not leaving."

"Conner?" Clark didn't want any of his children to see how worried he was about their Mother.

"I mean it; I'm not leaving." He came closer and touched his shoulder. "You need me."

Clark couldn't argue with him. He was touched and so moved by Conner staying with him. "Thank you, Conner."

They quietly returned to Lois's room, and even though she was awake, she wasn't speaking. Lois was being given intravenous solutions, but now that she was awake she would be eating and drinking on her own soon, at least they hoped so.

Clark didn't know what to say to her so he sat down and waited for her to speak to him, hoping his and Conner's presence may soothe her in spite of her earlier reaction to him.

An hour went by and then he looked up as Bruce came into her room. He was dressed casually in jeans, shirt and jacket and Clark inwardly smiled. It was good to see him. "How is she?" Bruce whispered.

"Let's go outside," Clark instructed.

"I'll stay with her, Dad," Conner offered.

Clark nodded to his son, truly grateful. Once they were out in the hall, Bruce turned to him. "I could see Lois was awake, but she wasn't speaking? What's going on, Clark?"

He took a deep breath and tried to hold it in. "She's suffering from PTSD. She's withdrawn, not speaking to me or her children. I'm so worried about her." He covered his eyes but a few tears slid down his cheek.

Bruce took him by the shoulder and led to him a waiting area. "Sit down and tell me what happened at the Fortress, Clark."

He wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand, took a deep breath and began his story. "Zod kidnapped her and took her there, but it was far too cold for her. She suffered, Bruce, more than ever, she suffered, and its all my fault … all of it."

"What do you mean? How could you have predicted that Zod would escape, kidnap her and take her there? It's not your fault."

"Oh, but it is. It's not the first time he kidnapped her, but I took those memories of that time away from her. And now, when he came to her, she didn't know who he was, and by then it was too late."

"Oh, no, and Lois's psyche has somehow confused these two instances and the stress was too much?"

"I don't know if Lois remembers what happened all those years ago, but maybe she does." He rubbed his tired eyes. "I just wish she would talk to me, just talk to me."

"Oh, Clark, I'm so sorry. How can I help you?"

Clark's eyes were blurry as he turned to his friend. "Just being here helps. Thanks, Bruce."

He tried to smile as he squeezed his shoulder. "Anytime."


Back in Lois's hospital room:

Conner watched his Mother fall back to sleep, but then a little while later, it appeared as if she were dreaming. Her eyelids were moving frantically.

The dream came to Lois again, but it wasn't a dream … it was a nightmare.

She was at the Fortress but everything was different somehow.

Clark was there and so was Zod, but then she could see other people there as well. Lex and two other people were there, but they were dressed in black just like Zod. She realized they must be the same.

Suddenly, she felt trapped, powerless, and vulnerable against the people in black. She and Lex were the only humans there she felt completely helpless against them.

Then the pain started, her arms were being pulled from their sockets. She let out a scream.

Her screams resonated throughout the quiet hospital. Conner tried to soothe her as best he could.

Clark and Bruce rushed into her room. "Conner, what happened?" Clark asked, as he watched his wife open her eyes.

"She was dreaming and then she screamed," Conner answered, so worried for his Mom.

Clark touched her shoulder as not to frighten her. "Lois, honey, what happened?"

Lois blinked several times as the dream receded for a bit, and tried to focus on his face. "It … was … a … horrible … nightmare." She couldn't say anymore.

He took her hand. She didn't pull away from him.

"It's alright. Can you tell me about it? Take your time."

Lois tried to calm down. "The people … in black… they… wanted to … hurt us."

Conner frowned. He knew exactly what she was referring to.

Clark closed his eyes and sighed. She was remembering what happened at the Fortress all those years ago, but now he wasn't sure if he should talk about that time. The stress could make her worse. She needed a specialist, someone she could talk to because he didn't know how to help her. "It was only a dream. You rest for a while longer. Close your eyes; that's it."

Lois obediently did as he asked and then she was asleep after a few minutes.

Clark stroked her hair back from her forehead, leaned down and kissed it softly. He didn't want to leave her alone, but he was afraid he was going to break down in tears at any moment.

Conner followed him dreading what was coming, but he needed to know what was happening to his Mother.


Once out in the hall, Clark leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and tried and get some control.

"What did she mean by all of that … the people in black?" Bruce asked then he thought about it for a moment. "Oh no, her memories are returning?"

"Yes it appears that they are. Those horrible days are coming back and I don't know what to do to stop it."

"But Clark, if you tell her what happened, it may help her get past her trauma at the Fortress." Bruce believed this to be true.

Conner was beginning to understand now. "It could help her Dad." He agreed with Bruce.

"It's just … I've put it off for so long. She knows about Zod but not all the details about that horrible time at the Fortress when she was kidnapped … I never wanted her to know."

"It's time, Clark. Once the doctors know what happened to her all those years ago, I think they'll agree." Bruce paused. "She needs to know."

Suddenly, they both turned as two of Clark's closest and dearest friends came up to them. Diana didn't hesitate as she pulled Clark into her arms, hoping to give him some comfort. She pulled back after a moment. "You must believe she'll be alright and she will."

He tried to smile. "Thank you, Diana. I needed to hear that," Clark whispered, truly grateful. "And thank you for coming. You too, J'onn," he whispered.

"How is she?" J'onn asked, so worried for his friends.

"She's resting now, but it's possible that the trauma she experienced has caused her mind to retreat to a safe place, but she will be alright in time."

"Of course, she will, Clark," Bruce told him firmly.

He sighed as an emergency came into his mind. "There's an emergency, but I can't leave her."

"Of course, you can't," Diana understood. They all did.

"Don't worry about anything. Young Justice and everyone else will cover for you." Bruce paused. "Conner handled himself with Zod, although for a time there, we were worried."

Conner ducked his head not saying anything.

Clark turned to Conner and Bruce wondering what was up.

Bruce put him out of his misery. "Don't worry, Clark, Conner saved a lot of lives today, and he handled Zod. He was on a rampage, but Conner stopped him."

Conner looked up truly grateful. "Thanks, Mr. Wayne," Conner said.

"That's Bruce, ok?"

"Thanks… Bruce," he replied and tried to smile.

Clark was so very proud of him. "Tell me more?" he asked, needing to know.


A few days later, at the Kent house:

Lois had been discharged from the hospital and she was improving. She was coherent, speaking to everyone, but she was distracted, distant and unfeeling to her husband and to her children. They didn't really understand and Clark tried to explain to them that their Mother just needed time to deal with everything that happened in the past few weeks.

She'd had several visits with a psychologist from the hospital and he felt that once she was told about her memories from the past then she could deal with all of it. Lois continued to refuse any medication. Clark would not force that on her. It was her decision but of course she had to be watched closely.

Jason had taken time off from college. He knew he couldn't leave his Mother. Conner did the same. JoJo, however, could not take the time off from her schooling.

One day after speaking with her doctor who felt Lois was strong enough to hear the truth, Clark made the decision to tell her everything and not leave anything out.

Before they had gotten married, Clark remembered the day he had confessed about taking her memories. He had told her about the Kryptonians and how powerful they were, but nothing specific, why he had been compelled to take her memories, how he had regretted it and everything that had happened to them all those years ago.

After revealing her lost memories, particularly those about Jason and their first time together, Lois had shut down even as far as not speaking to him at first, but eventually, she had forgiven him and they had moved forward and put it behind them.

And now all those hurtful and disturbing memories would have to be relived again. He hated thinking about those days. It was painful for both of them, but this time if it would bring her back to him, he had to do it.


Lois was awake and alert, sitting up in bed and finishing her breakfast when a knock came at the door. After sleeping on and off for several days, her appetite had returned and she was visiting with the kids and even smiling every now and then.

She answered the knock. "Come in."

"Good morning and how was breakfast?" Clark whispered making small talk. He took her tray, sat it on the dresser, then came back and took her hand.

She squeezed his hand. "What happened to me?"

"We can talk about that later. How are you feeling?"

"Better, I think, but my dreams, they seemed so real as if… as if they happened, but how is that possible?"

Clark sighed and realized he couldn't put it off anymore. Lois had been dreaming every night for the past several days, and after being traumatized by what had happened to her the other day she needed to be told the truth. The doctor also felt it was the right time.

Taking a deep breath, he then began his story. A story about three Kryptonians who had come to Earth, and one in particular, General Zod, intent on revenge because of what his Father, Jor-El had done to him a long, long time ago.

After finishing his story, he tried to explain. "So you see, that was why he came to the Daily Planet because he knew how important you were to me, and he knew I would not have a choice but to do whatever he wanted." He paused as he squeezed her hand again. "I tried to protect you, Lois, always."

"I know that Clark." She paused beginning to understand. "So the dreams were real?"

"Yes, they were."

"Tell me the rest. How you stopped him. You did stop him, didn't you?" She paused. "I do remember fainting."

"Well, after you fainted, I came up with a plan to save you. After Jason and Conner arrived," he paused. "Jason flew there on his own, by the way," he smiled at the look on her face.

"Did you say Jason flew?" She asked, thrilled for her son.

"Yes, Lois and it was really something to see. They arrived just in time, then Zod took off like a coward. I sent Conner after him, then Jason and I … we helped you recover from the cold."

She squeezed his hand. "What happened next?"

He then told her about the hibernation chamber and Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone. He waited patiently for her to say something.

She shook her head at him. "Your plan was brilliant, Clark." She paused as she looked him over. "You constantly amaze me."

He came closer then looked into her eyes then he touched her cheek softly. "I couldn't lose you, Lois … I couldn't." Clark couldn't help but remember the earthquake and how he had lost her years and years ago.

Smiling at the look on his face, she didn't say anything, knowing he had more to say.

His hand moved lower down her throat then down her arm sending shivers wherever he touched. "I just kept thinking of that terrible time and all we've been through, but we never lost this Lois. We always had each other, no matter what."

"Yes we do." She agreed, wholeheartedly.

"Yeah, we do. Even when you couldn't remember what we had, what we shared, it was always there between us."

"Oh Clark," she cried and pulled him close. "We'll always have this, won't we?" She pulled back, eyes bright, as she stared into his eyes.

"Always," he replied and then he leaned down a little. She closed her eyes and waited for his kiss.

But before things could go any further, there was a knock at the door.

Jason poked his head in. "I'm sorry, Mom, Dad, but Mr. Olsen and Mr. White are here to see you both," he announced.

"Tell them we'll be down in a bit," Clark replied.

Jason smiled and left, happy to see his Mom and Dad looking so happy, but as soon as he shut the door, he remembered what he had said to Mr. Olsen and Mr. White at the office the other day. Oh, boy!


A little while later, Jimmy and Perry were starting to worry. "Is your Mom up for visitors?" Perry asked concerned.

"Yeah, I think so," Jason responded.

"I … ummm … I brought these for your Dad." Jimmy then handed Jason an envelope containing photographs of General Zod from years ago during his assault on the Daily Planet.

"Thanks, Mr. Olsen," Jason said and took the envelope from him. He peered through the envelope and realized what was inside.

"Perry, Jimmy? What brings you by?" Clark asked as she and Lois came into the living room.

Jason decided to give his Father the photos later. He briefly left the living room and put them in the dining room cabinet.

Lois looked rested and relaxed, Jason noted, when he returned to the living room. She was dressed in jeans and a sweater. She looked like her old self.

Jimmy and Perry glanced at each other. "There's no easy way to say this," Perry began.

Jason held his breath and waited wondering if they knew the truth.

Jimmy and Perry exchanged glances again, but then after glancing at their kids, Perry spoke up. "We were just wondering … when the Zod story will be published. Weren't we Jimmy?"

"Ummm, yeah, Chief, we were," Jimmy quickly responded, picking up on Perry's clue.

Lois and Clark briefly glanced at each other, both thinking the same thing. Our friends are terrible liars.

"Lois and I will have that story for you first thing in the morning," Clark responded.

"That's great, and now that I think about it, a follow-up on Westfield would tie-in with the story as well." Perry nodded, pleased with himself. "We'll see you both in the morning," Perry told them then they turned to go.

"Wait!" Lois called to them. "Take a seat," she instructed, then she squeezed her husband's hand as they both exchanged glances again.

Jason took his sister's hand as everyone took a seat and waited.

"You know, don't you?" Lois asked her friends.

More glances then, "Yes, we do," Perry answered her then he quickly explained. "It's not that we came here to bother you or to hound you with questions, but we were concerned about the kids and how you were holding up. That's all."

Clark sat on the arm of the sofa and pulled his wife close to his side. "Thanks, Perry, and thanks for coming over to check up on us. We appreciate that. Don't we, Lois?"

"Yes, we do very much."

Jason had a question. "Will everything change at the office now that you know about us?"

"No, of course not," Jimmy answered honestly.

"We know it will be hard to keep this secret from everyone. Are you sure you're up to it?" Clark asked his friends.

Perry chuckled to lighten the mood. "Well, the way I see it and I know Jimmy will agree with me." He paused to gather his thoughts. "Clark Kent and Lois Lane-Kent are two of the bravest and smartest people on the planet, and if we can draw attention away from Superman and his troubles, the better it will be for their family."

Jimmy nodded and smiled at his boss. "I agree, definitely," he concurred.

Everyone smiled at that. Clark stood up and so did Perry and Jimmy. He shook their hands. "Lois and I could not have asked for better friends," he told them, becoming emotional. "Thank you both," he continued.

Lois was so touched that she stood up and went over to them too. She hugged first Perry and then Jimmy too. "Thank you so much," she whispered, tears in her eyes.

"None of that, now." He patted her arm awkwardly. "Just get better and come back to work and write that story, got it?" Perry asked his star reporters hoping to light a fire under them.

"You got it," Lois responded, eyes still blurry.

"Come on, Jimmy, let's go," Perry turned to leave.

"Mr. Olsen?" Jason stopped him with a touch to his arm.

"JoJo and I wanted to thank you for helping us the other day, especially JoJo."

"Thank you, Mr. Olsen," JoJo said and smiled at him.

Jimmy squatted down to her eye level. "Anytime, just ask me if you need anything, anything at all."

JoJo became shy then as she ducked her head. "Ok," she told him and smiled, her eyes lighting up like Jimmy had never seen before. She's a charmer, that one and in just a few short years, he thought.

Jimmy stroked her head then he turned to go.


Once they were gone, Lois turned to her family. "You know what this means, don't you?" Lois asked her husband.

"Well, yeah, now that they know, everything will change."

"It has to. Everything changes once the truth comes out. They will treat us differently."

Clark wasn't sure at all how they would be treated by their friends. "We just have to wait and see."



Note (1): Whatever It Takes, Leona Lewis

A/N: I don't think they have anything to worry about. Perry and Jimmy are awesome. I'll be taking a bit of a break to finish up the remaining chapters. As the plot stands right now, we're looking at five more chapters, including an epilogue. Stay tuned; update in two weeks time! Thanks so much for reading and reviews are love guys!

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