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Fic: Embracing Destiny (10/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (10/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Perry, Jimmy
Rating: T
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 4,500
Disclaimer: DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters, except for Joanne Josephine Kent and Samuel Hamilton. No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes: Please remember my author's note at the end of the last chapter. It's important that my readers understand how I feel about this ship. I would never do what DC Comics is planning. Never! With that said, the story continues. In this next chapter, as Lois's life hangs in the balance, Clark tries to control his anger and rage, but the past several weeks may have taken their toll … on everyone. *hugs Clois* Read on and please leave a comment. Thank you! :D

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(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4)(Chapter 5)
(Chapter 6)(Chapter 7) (Chapter 8)(Chapter 9)

Chapter 10: In Her Eyes

She stares through my shadow
She sees something more
Believes there's a light in me
She is sure
And her truth makes me stronger
Does she realize
I awake every morning
With her strength by my side…(1)


Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet offices:

Jason and JoJo Kent had arrived at the Planet ready to wait for their Mother to finish working before they headed home. They headed to their Mom's office but she wasn't there. Jason took JoJo's hand, looked around and spotted Mr. Olsen then went over to him. He waited patiently for him to finish talking to a co-worker then he tapped him on the shoulder.

"Mr. Olsen?" Jason began.

Jimmy nearly jumped out of his skin. "Jason, you startled me … ummm …"

"Where's my Mom?" Jason asked sensing something wasn't right.

Unsure what to say, Jimmy then said, "Come with me Jason." He then escorted them to their Mom's office. "Wait right here, ok?"

"Alright," Jason responded. Frowning at his retreating back, he decided to listen to whatever was going on. He wasn't a kid anymore and if his Mother was in trouble, he needed to know.

He closed his eyes and tuned out as much as he could.

"Jason, what's wrong?" JoJo was beginning to worry.

"Quiet, JoJo, I'm listening. You should too," he instructed her.

"Ok," JoJo closed her eyes in the hope she too could hear something.

Jimmy hurried over to Perry office, knocked then entered. "Chief, Mr. White, the Kent children are here looking for their Mom. What should I tell them?" He immediately received a glare from his boss.

"Jimmy, what did I tell you about barging in here without knocking."

"But Chief … I don't know what to tell them."

"Alright, alright, I'll talk to them." He stood up then. "We certainly can't tell them that their Mother was kidnapped by that Kryptonian lunatic General Zod. They've been through enough as it is."

Jason stiffened at those words as his heart turned to ice. Oh, no, not Zod, he thought. They were going to keep this from them as if they were babies, but they weren't. He turned to JoJo then, took her by the hand, and then he took hold of both her hands hoping to give her some comfort. "JoJo, now listen carefully. I don't want to leave you, but Mom needs us to help her. Dad may not know what's going on. As soon as I leave, I'm going to contact Conner."

"Mom is in trouble? But what should I do?" JoJo asked wanting to help. She hadn't heard everything that had been said.

"Stay here with Mr. Olsen and Mr. White. Promise me you won't leave and do what they tell you, ok?" He paused then he got down on one knee and gave her a hug. "I love you squirt."

"I love you too, Jason," JoJo whimpered.

Jason stood up, turned and opened the door. Jimmy and Mr. White were about to knock. "I heard what you said, so I'm leaving." He didn't wait for them to answer him then, "Watch out for my sister, please."

Then he was gone with Jimmy and Mr. White staring after another Kent and scratching their heads. "He heard us?" They both asked at the same time.

Perry was the first to put it together. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'm afraid so," Jimmy replied, also putting it together.

Jimmy turned when he felt a tug on his sleeve. It was JoJo. "Mr. Olsen, where's my Mom?"


On the rooftop of Daily Planet building, Jason called Conner after he couldn't reach his Dad. He picked up on the first ring. "Jason, what's up?"

"Meet me on the DP rooftop…NOW, Conner. Mom is missing and I can't reach Dad."

"I'm on my way," Conner replied. One minute later, he was there. During that time, Jason had changed into his superhero costume. Luckily, Conner had been in the city making rounds as his Father had taught him. "Mom is missing? Tell me everything."

"Yes, I overheard Mr. White and Mr. Olsen talking. General Zod has her, but where could he have taken her?" Jason frantically asked.

Conner wasn't sure, but the first place that came to his mind was the Fortress. "Let's go."

Jason held up his arms for his brother to pick him up.

Conner shook his head. "Jason, I can't carry you. It will slow us down."

Jason's heart began to pound with fear or excitement. He wasn't sure. "Conner, I don't know if I can."

"It's time Jason." Conner paused. "If you can't save our Mother, then I don't know what to tell you," Conner stressed hoping Jason could really do it this time then he took off into the sky.

Jason watched his brother fly off to save their Mom. His heart began to pump so hard and then he just knew he had no choice. He then realized it wasn't fear he felt; it was determination. "I'm coming, Mom, I'm coming." He looked at the sky and suddenly remembered what his Father had said to him all those years ago. He asked his Father, "Will I fly one day, Mr. Clark?" His Father had responded, "Maybe one day ..."

Jason then turned and ran to the opposite end of the rooftop. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then he ran toward the ledge, stepped up and raised his arms into the air and then he was flying.

Thrilled as never before, he could see Conner in the distance and he caught up with him quickly surprising himself. Conner could not believe that Jason was right beside him. He smiled then he circled his eyes meaning Jason should put on his mask. Jason smiled back and then they both raced forward knowing that time was of the essence.

Minutes later, not knowing what they would find, they cautiously approached the Fortress and what they saw there would haunt them both for days and weeks afterward.


Clark was shaking he was so angry. Jason wanted to help him but Conner stopped him and he decided they should listen for a minute.

"Please, you have let me take her out of here. She'll die, please!" Clark desperately pleaded to him.

"She stays." Zod ordered, unfeeling and unwavering. He suddenly realized that Kal-El needed to experience the death of someone truly close to him. Once that happened, he would turn from the humans and their influence, and then finally he would be his to control.

Lois was fading fast but she also realized what was happening. She slowly raised her eyes to her love and then she struggled to speak, "I … love … you … remember … that." Then her eyes rolled back into her head. She fainted.

"Lois, Lois …?" He knew that unconsciousness was the first sign of hypothermia and her body was shutting down to protect itself, but she had to wake up. "NOOOOOO, PLEASE WAKE UP!" He clutched her to his chest.

"NOW JASON!" Connor hollered to his brother.

Startled at the cry, Clark looked up and he couldn't believe his eyes. "Jason! Conner!" He was shocked to see them but inwardly thrilled they had come.

Zod was caught off guard by their arrival, and being the coward that he was, he turned and streaked into the sky.

Clark spoke to Conner then, his voice raw with anguish and pain. "Do whatever it takes." He uttered those words in a voice unfamiliar to his sons.

Jason and Conner turned to each other then Conner took off after Zod.

"Help me, Jason. Your mother needs to be warmed up as quickly as possible."

Jason helped his Father as he thought about why he had sent Conner after Zod instead of him, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Conner would do whatever it took to defeat Zod … by whatever means necessary.

They carefully moved Lois to a special chamber and although it wasn't heated, it contained an area that his Father quickly heated with his eyes. The bed had special sheets and blankets that were also heated. He covered her feet and hands with extra heated blankets and kept her covered. Clark and Jason's heat vision were her only warmth.

Jason watched his Father frantically trying to save his Mother, but he had a question for him, "Why didn't you save her before in the outer chamber with your heat vision?"

"Believe me, I wanted to, but it was too dangerous. Zod wanted a fight, but your Mother would have been the loser. She could have been caught in the crossfire which would have been far worst for her." He paused as he looked at his wife's lovely face. "I realized that he did want to kill her, Jason. Your Mother realized it too."

Jason understood now why his Father had sent Conner after him. "You wanted him to die. Is that why you sent Conner after him?"

Clark raised his sad eyes to his son's face. "Yes, for an instant … I did."

"I should go after Conner. He could kill him and I know you don't want that," Jason pleaded to him.

"You're right, I don't want that but Jason, you don't have any experience fighting or working with a team. It's too dangerous. Please, just stay here and help me with your Mother." He then thought about it some more. "I know Conner won't hurt him."

"Are you sure?" Jason really wasn't convinced.

"Yes, I'm sure," Clark replied as he continued to work on his wife.

"Is this going to work? She still looks so pale." Jason was truly worried.

"Yes, it should work. Give her another minute or two," Clark replied as he stroked her arms and legs slowly as to give her body a bit more time to adjust to the heat.

"I still find it hard to believe that Zod still hates you after all this time."

"No, Jason, it wasn't hate that motivated him. He's misguided about why he's here. He needs to understand that this is my home now. Krypton is dead and gone. He can't rule here and neither can I. He needs to accept it."

"But Dad, he's been in jail for almost twenty years. He needs to die for what he tried to do to my Mom." Jason surprised himself with that comment, but he meant every word.

For the first time in his life, Clark was silent unable to refute his son's claim.

Jason stared at his Father understanding his silence.

Suddenly, Lois slowly opened her eyes but only for a moment.

And Clark's smile was blinding.


Meanwhile, over the skies of Metropolis:

Conner searched the skies and he spotted Zod up ahead. He appeared to be slowing down. It was clear that Zod was not as powerful as he had led them to believe. He could fly surely, but his other powers may be gone.

But his Father's words to him flowed through his mind over and over, distracting him from what needed to be done … do whatever it takes. He couldn't have meant 'that' … could he? Conner pushed that thought from his mind. It was plain to him that his Father had been distraught and upset. His Father couldn't hurt anyone, and neither could he.

He then activated his communicator and contacted his superhero team and then the League. Minutes later, Megan appeared beside him. They had become close over the past year or so. They challenged each other, they had fun when they were together, and most of all they trusted each other.

He then informed everyone that Zod was headed toward Metropolis, and his powers may not have come back fully, but also for them not to take any chances with him.


Meanwhile, back at the Fortress:

Lois briefly returned her husband's smile, and then she closed her eyes again.

"Lois, Lois, wake up," Clark frowned and then he began to worry. Her heart rate was elevated but maybe she just needed to rest for a while.

"Dad, what's wrong? Why won't she wake up?"

"I don't know but she needs to rest. Her body has gone through a tremendous shock."

Clark stood up and looked around the Fortress and then a desperate plan came into his mind. "I have a plan and it just may work. It would save a lot of lives … if it's not too late."

He put has hand to his ear and turned on his communicator. "Conner, listen to me. Don't acknowledge that you can hear me. Just listen. You have to lure Zod back to the Fortress." He paused. "Your Mom … she didn't … she didn't make it."

Jason gasped to himself, not understanding what his Father could possibly mean by lying to Conner like that.

"Conner, did you hear me? Answer yes, and then I can make preparations for Zod's return."

Shocked, Conner listened to his Father, but he did reply, "Yes, I heard you."


Over the skies of Metropolis:

Conner sorrowfully turned to Megan with tears in his eyes.

"What happened?" He didn't answer her. "Conner you're scaring me."

He roughly dashed the tears from his cheeks. "My Mom … Zod killed her … she's dead."

Megan couldn't believe it. "Oh no, that's terrible. Your Father must be devastated."

Conner wasn't listening. Zod will pay for this. Yes, he will pay.

Megan was truly worried. "Conner, what are you going to do?"

Instead of answering her, he took off. Megan tried to follow him by flying as fast as she could.

The League was also in Metropolis and had found Zod in the heart of the city. All too soon the League was battling Zod across an area as crowds of people had come out of their office buildings wondering what was happening. The citizens of Metropolis were unprepared for the carnage that followed.

Explosions of disintegrations of buildings, cars and trucks suddenly began happening all around them. The League was barely able to move out of the way moments before they were destroyed as well.

Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were no match for Zod with his heat vision and frost breath. Green Lantern found himself protecting his friends from the powerful Kryptonian. It didn't take long before the police and the military had come into the city as well hoping to stop Zod, but they also were no match for Zod's powers.

Young Justice answered Conner's call but they too were also no match for him. Zod had literally gone berserk as he continued to blast Young Justice and innocent civilians with his super breath sending everyone scattering for cover.

Conner's friends had nothing to stop him. Zod knew they would have no choice but to surrender to his power. He continued his rampage by picking up cars, buses, anything he could get his hands on and throwing it at random at the League, civilians, anything on two legs.

Conner realized he was the only one who could stop him. He managed to elude his blasts of heat and flying debris, and using his telekinetic force he raised his hands and knocked him from the sky. Zod was caught off guard by the force of the blast. Conner watched him fall to the ground and then he approached him determined to destroy him. "GET UP!" He shouted at him.

The League watched the scene and they now knew that Superboy could destroy Zod if they didn't stop him. They had also heard the communication from Clark.

"Conner, listen to me," Batman stood over Zod. "Remember, your Father wouldn't want this."

"But he killed her. He needs to die!" Conner shouted, refusing to listen.

Wonder Woman flew up into the sky and pulled him around to face her. "No, Conner, take him to the Fortress and we'll follow you." Conner wasn't listening. "NOW, CONNER!"

Conner took several deep breaths and tried to calm down. He watched the scene and realized too many people were getting hurt, and then his Father's words came to him strong and true as if he were there beside him … lure him back here to the Fortress.

Gaining a bit of peace from his Father's words, he said "You've won, Zod," Conner regretfully told him, feeling sick inside at those words.

Zod was leery of him. "No, I haven't won. Where's Kal-El? Why isn't he here to stop me?"

Conner chose his words carefully. "He's with … Ms. Lane … she's dead."

Zod actually smiled at that. His plan to bring Kal-El over to his side was now an option he could not ignore.

Conner had to rein in his anger. His eyes burned so hot inside his head that he had to close his eyes for a moment. "My Father wants to see you."

"He's still at the Fortress?" Zod was thrilled.

"Yes, he's waiting for you."

The League listened to their conversation and had to wonder what Clark had planned for Zod. He must be so upset and not in his right mind to even think of talking to Zod in that frame of mind.

Conner turned to Megan and she squeezed his shoulder with a look of encouragement. "I'll see you later."

As Conner and Zod both rose up higher into the sky, the League followed them to the Fortress.


Meanwhile, back at the Fortress:

"Dad, is this going to work?" Jason was still skeptical about his Father's plan.

"Yes, it will work. Once Zod returns and stands just over there, then Jor-El will take care of him."

"But Mom, she's …"

"She's alright, Jason. Her body temperature is at a point where she's suspended for a short time, but she'll be brought out of it shortly. Her body needs this short period of time." He paused for a moment. "She's going to be alright son, thanks to you." Clark squeezed his shoulder to reassure him.

She had been placed inside a small crystal chamber, covered with heated blankets, but her vitals were normal.

Jason was still worried, but then they both looked up at swooshing sounds coming from within the Fortress. Clark nodded to Jason and he nodded back understanding.

Conner saw his Mother first. Tears sprang into his eyes, as he slowly moved forward. He got down on his knees and touched the chamber. "Mom?" Then he began on cry.

Clark hated to do this to him, but Zod had to believe that it was true … that Lois was dead.

Conner's tears moved both men then Jason came over to him, pulled him close as they both cried for their Mom.

Zod was getting bored with their tears. "Enough of this! Kal-El, are you ready to bow to me as your ruler, to renounce the humans and accept your destiny?"

His sons turned to their Father, wiped at their eyes and waited for his answer.

Clark stood up straighter and faced his hated enemy. "Yes, I'm ready," Kal-El replied, shocking his sons. Jason held Conner still, saying with his eyes to trust their Father.

"Finally!" Zod shouted pleased with his answer. He then turned and casually strolled around the Fortress, analyzing his surroundings and making plans, satisfied at what he could see. "This place will be our home base for now where we will plot our strategy." Pleased with what he saw, he turned to Kal-El. "Your sons and your daughter will play a big part of that strategy. They're very powerful and they will serve us well, Kal-El."

"Go on," Kal-El encouraged him to continue.

"In a few years when your daughter is older, she will be my mate for life. Yes, yes, that's perfect," he continued, getting more and more excited with his plans.

Shocked and unbelieving, Conner and Jason stared at him as if he had truly lost his mind but they managed to hold it together. Jason had to grab Conner's arm again to keep him still. The plan was working but Conner needed to be still.

Zod turned his back then Clark narrowed his eyes at him with such hatred and loathing, he didn't think he could stand to look at him anymore. Just one more step, he thought.

"NOW, FATHER!" Kal-El hollered as loud as he could.

Suddenly, a blinding light surrounded Zod and he was taken from their sight and sent into the Phantom Zone in only a few short moments.

All three men ran over to the spot and watched as the glass crystal panel travelled further and further into space. They could actually see Zod try to escape, his eyes wide, his mouth open in a silent scream, but it was useless.

Clark turned to his sons and then he was holding them close, so grateful for them, he wanted to cry.

Conner was the first to pull back. "She's really gone?" He still couldn't believe it.

"No, Conner," Clark told him and brought him over to the chamber. He pulled back the clear cover panel and touched Lois's cheek. It was warm and her heartbeat was steady.

"I'm sorry son, but I needed you to be convincing with Zod. I'm sorry."

"But she's alive, Father, she's alive." He paused as he looked her over. "I understand why you did it, and I'm not upset."

Jason smiled then as they all stared at Lois. Her cheeks glowed and her skin returned to its normal pallor.

"Yes, she's alive," Clark whispered with so much emotion, his eyes filled up with tears and a few fell down his cheek.

Lois could feel the warmth all around her, but it wasn't only from the chamber, but it was her husband and her sons that fueled her soul and enabled her to smile only for a moment, but in that instant, her family knew she was going to recover.


A few minutes later as they prepared to carry Lois back to Metropolis, Clark turned on his communicator and realized the League was urgently trying to reach him. "Superman, answer us." It was Batman frantic with worry.

"I'm sorry I turned off the communicator. I couldn't have any distractions when dealing with Zod, but everything worked out alright. Lois is going to be fine and Zod is gone. Jor-El sent him to the Phantom Zone. I'll meet you at the Hall of Justice as soon as I can get Lois settled back at the house. Superman out."

Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and J'onn all stared at each other. The Fortress was just up ahead and they were about to land but that was pointless now.

"Let's go home," Batman muttered, frustrated by Clark's dismissal. Wonder Woman turned the jet around and headed back to Metropolis.

Everyone was very relieved to hear the news that Lois would be alright and that Zod was gone for good. Batman, however, was seething inside. So now we're a 'distraction'? He thought.

"Bruce, I know that look." Diana knew him too well.

"What look?" Bruce gritted his teeth.

"You know Clark and how he works. He likes taking care of everything himself, and please try and remember … they're his family, Bruce. We can't fault him for thinking of them first."

"I know that, Diana, but one of these days, he's going to realize he needs us." Bruce let that hang in the air as he stared out the window at the frozen landscape.

Diana frowned at that statement and wondered what he could mean. She shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the controls and turned the jet south toward home.



Note: (1) In Your Eyes, Josh Groban

A/N: That was such a blast to write. I hope you enjoyed it. Now will they get some peace? Not likely. I'm not quite done with them yet. Come back in a week to read more. Thanks so much for reading and reviews are love everyone! :D

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