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Fic: Embracing Destiny (8/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (8/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Perry, Lex
Rating: T
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 3,900
Disclaimer: DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters. No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes: In this next chapter, Diana reacts to the shocking ‘news,’ Lois and Kitty have a heart to heart, and later, Mercy evaluates her life. Read on and please leave a comment. We're at the midway point in the story. Read the continuing saga from the beginning... Click here. Thank you! :D

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Chapter 8: The Kids Are Alright

The Kent house, the next day:

It was early afternoon, a day after Clark had announced to the world that he had a mystery woman in his life, had three children and to top it all off, he was definitely off the preverbal market. That one last detail thrilled Lois to no end, but the fact that he couldn't, no wouldn't tell anyone about her, well, that still did not sit well.

Lois' jealousy of Diana, which had lain dormant since Clark had joined the League years ago, came bubbling to the surface. It had been her idea after all, but she supposed she should have thought it through a bit more.

Lois had no problem with the kids being out in the public's eye. The older kids could handle themselves, but JoJo was a different story. A nine-year old thrown into the spotlight like this could swell her head and cause her to expose her abilities at the worst possible time. They would have to sit her down and talk to her about that. There really hadn't been enough time to do that since the press conference, but keeping their identities a secret for the time being was the right thing to do. Lois had no doubts about that decision.

After spending the week in Smallville, Lois pulled into her driveway expecting to see newspaper reporters with cameras and a microphone shoved in her face, but there was no one there. She had prepared herself for the endless questions about Superman and if the rumors were true about Diana. I'm still his press agent, she thought.

But thinking some more about it, she had to give credit to Clark and his decision not to say anything about Wonder Woman possibly being the mother of his children. She had to chuckle when he had told her what Diana's reaction had been when she had seen the headline. Bruce had told him the story and it went something like this.


The Watchtower space station:

Bruce had handed Diana the paper with the straight face. J'onn and Hal, however, were obviously not as strong as Bruce, as they both laughed out loud.

"What the hell was he thinking naming the children like that; I mean come on, of course everyone would draw that conclusion," Wonder Woman stated still unbelieving as she stared at the headline.

"Diana, you know Clark said those names on the spur of the moment. He didn't mean anything by it. We happen to like the names, don't we guys?" Bruce asked his fellow superheroes.

"Of course, the names are great," Hal told her then started chuckling again.

"Ha, ha, laugh if you want, but I don't like it. I can just imagine what Lois must be thinking right now. She already hates me."

"Of course, she doesn't hate you," J'onn told her firmly. "All of this will blow over in a matter of days. You'll see."

She held up the paper, still upset. "I want a retraction. This 'rumor' needs to be stopped and now."

"Now Diana, Clark thinks this is for the best. Anyone with any brain cells won't believe it, and of course, we know the truth. So just forget about it," Bruce suggested. He wouldn't dare demand it of her, but once she calmed down, she would realize it was better this way.

But she hadn't calmed down. "I should speak to Lois about this. I don't want any more bad feelings between us."

Bruce, J'onn and Hal glanced at each other. Bruce went over to her and touched her shoulder. "Diana, I don't think that would solve anything. Lois is going to have to deal with this in her own way. It will take time. Wait a few days for this to blow over and then give her a call."

Diana sighed, hoping all of it would blow over in time. "I suppose you're right." Shaking her head, she read the headline again.


Present time at the Kent house:

Once inside the house, Lois was beginning to think things would calm down and they could get back to normal, well normal for them, but no sooner had she dropped her bags, the phone rang. Thinking it may be Clark, she ran into the living room, then she checked the caller ID and it was that rag the Inquisitor. How dare they call me at home? So, she refused to answer it.

Jason had the feeling he knew who was calling. He put down his bags and checked the caller ID. "I guess everyone has the same question. How does Lois Lane feel about Superman and this … other woman?"

Lois sighed. "Well, they can wonder all they want because you're Father and I have a wonderful life together, and I wouldn't trade one minute of it. The papers can speculate all they want. We know the truth."

Jason sensed his mother needed a hug. "Yes we do," he told her then kissed her cheek. "Let's unpack. I'm hungry. What's for dinner?" He asked smiling hoping to cheer up a little.

My growing boy, Lois thought. "Alright, take the bags upstairs then we'll see what's in the fridge. I'll be up in a little while to help you unpack."

"And Mom, don't let it get to you," Jason told her, his insight into his mother's feelings had Lois shaking her head at him.

Lois sighed and tried to put all of it from her mind, but things are never that easy. The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" JoJo exclaimed and ran to the door.

"Ask who it is first honey," Lois instructed as she followed her to the door.

"Who is it!" JoJo asked through the door.

"It's Aunt Kitty and Sam!" Kitty replied.

"Oh, it's Aunt Kitty and Sam!" JoJo exclaimed then she opened the door.

Lois chuckled at her daughter. Sam and JoJo were best buds and their friendship was sweet. They talked on the phone, went to the same school, even worked on homework assignments together and of course, their parents got along famously.

"Come in, come in!" Lois called to her dearest friend. After Kitty had returned to Metropolis years ago and given her testimony that had gotten Luthor convicted and sent to prison for twenty-five years, Kitty and Emil had fallen in love and gotten married. Seven months later, Sam was born and they were deliriously happy, and Lois and Clark couldn't have been happier for them. Sam was a cute little red-headed child, curious about everything and very inquisitive and bright.

"Welcome home, Lois. I brought you a casserole for the kids. I know how it is once you return from a trip with hardly any food in the house. Am I right?"

Lois chuckled at her friend's foresight. "You know me too well. Thanks, Kitty. JoJo, go get your brother and then you can eat."

"Sam, do you want to come?" JoJo asked her friend.

"Sure," Sam replied and followed her up the stairs.

Kitty watched them for a moment. "How is she?"

Lois glanced at her daughter. "Adjusting, but it's been hard, but in time, she'll be her old self again. Would you like some wine?" Lois sensed Kitty needed to talk.

"After the kids are fed, can we talk alone for a few minutes?" She paused. "It's important."

Lois frowned. "Of course," she replied and wondered what it could be.

After a quick meal and the kids were happily fed and upstairs playing video games, Lois and Kitty sat in the kitchen sipping wine. They talked briefly about the 'other woman' in Superman's life. Lois finally managed to laugh about it after Kitty had given her a perspective about that.

"You know, Lois, when I first came back to Metropolis and I saw you with Clark at the Planet, I never told you this, but not only was I struck by the love that seemed to surround you two, but I suspected who he was underneath the three piece suit and the glasses. At first I thought I had imagined it but after our interview, it all fell into place."

"Really?" Lois asked surprised. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"To be honest, I liked watching you two together. I've never witnessed that kind of love before and I enjoyed it," Kitty admitted feeling a bit silly about it now.

"Kitty, that's so sweet."

"Anyway, when I saw the article, I immediately thought of you and what you were going through, so I had to come and see you."

"Thank you, Kitty, but I get the feeling that's not the only reason you came by," Lois thoughtfully said as she watched her closely.

Kitty took a deep breath and told her dearest friend the truth. "Sam, he's …" She hesitated and stared at her wine deep in thought.

"Go on, what about Sam …?"

Kitty looked into her eyes. "He wasn't premature."

Lois sighed relieved thinking Sam may be sick or something. "I suspected it, but it wasn't any of my business. I put it from my mind." She took her hand. "I could see how much you loved Emil and he loves you. That was all that mattered."

Kitty's eyes watered at those words then she decided to plunge ahead. "Sam is … he's Lex's son."

"Oh, Kitty," Lois whispered and squeezed her hand refusing to pass judgment. "Does Emil know?"

"Yes, I told him when I found out I was pregnant. He was so sweet and understanding." She paused. "It happened on the cruise ship before we docked in Nassau." She paused, thinking about him. "I had hoped …" Kitty couldn't finish. It had been a fantasy.

Lois was confused. "But why are you telling me this now? Has something happened?" Then she thought about it. "Was it Lex's escape? Is that what has you so upset?"

"Yes, I'm afraid he'll find out somehow," she admitted and wiped at her eyes with a tissue Lois had handed to her. "He can't find out … not ever."

Lois frowned again. "But were you going to tell Sam the truth when he's older?"

Kitty answered her honestly. "I really don't know. I can't think that far ahead."

She squeezed her hand again. "If Lex finds out, you may not have a choice." Lois could see she was getting more upset by those words. "Kitty, he's back in prison, with better security this time. He can't hurt you anymore. Don't let him," Lois told her firmly. "You know Clark and I will help you, Emil and Sam. You can count on us," she told her firmly and smiled.

Kitty was so moved. She impulsively stood up and hugged her close. "I knew I could count on you."

Suddenly, the front door opened. It was Clark. 'Lois, I'm home," he announced unnecessarily.

"Clark, we're in the kitchen!" Lois hollered back to her husband.

"Oh, hi, Kitty. Is Sam here?" Clark asked eyeing her closely. "What's happened? I can see you're both upset about something."

Kitty glanced at Lois, sighed and turned to face him. "I should have told you when I found out the truth, but I was too afraid and I was worried how you would feel if you found out."

Clark touched her shoulder. "What is it, Kitty? Maybe we can help."

Lois took her hand to give her some support.

"Sam is … Lex's son," she stated and waited for him to say something.

A moment or two then, "I see," he finally said.

"Please don't hate him. He's just a little boy," Kitty pleaded to him then she covered her eyes and burst into tears.

"Oh, Kitty," Lois murmured, holding her close from behind. "Of course we don't hate Sam. He's a smart, funny and well-adjusted little boy," she told her firmly.

"Yes, he is," Clark agreed. He took her hands in his. "We love Sam."

"You do?" Kitty smiled in spite of her tears.

"Of course, we do," he told her smiling.

Just then, Jason came bounding down the stairs. "Is there any more casserole? I'm still hungry."

It was just what they all needed. Lois, Clark and Kitty all shook their heads and laughed.


After Kitty and Sam had left and the kids were down for the night, Lois and Clark had a chance to talk about the aftermath of his reveal of the children to the world. He had been very quiet after dinner.

"What is it Clark? And don't tell me it's nothing. I can see it in your face."

"It's probably nothing, but Emil told me something earlier today. It appears his long-time assistant may be a Luthor informant."

"Oh, no, so Kitty's worry may not be misplaced after all," Lois thoughtfully said.

"I'm afraid so. This Dr. Westfield apparently has been working behind the scenes helping Lex, scheming and who knows what else he may know or what he's hiding."

"Including the fact that Sam is Luthor's son?"

"I can't believe it!" Jason exclaimed as he entered the living room heading to the kitchen for a snack. "Why didn't you tell us about this?"

"Jason, we just found out ourselves," Clark told him.

"Little Sammy is a Luthor," Jason stated, as he pondered that idea.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter. He's a good boy, smart and very respectful," Clark stated firmly.

"He is that," Lois agreed. "Should we tell JoJo?"

"No, I don't think so. She's too young," Clark replied, adamant she be kept in the dark.

"I agree, Clark, but she needs her father right now," Lois told him, still very worried about their daughter.

"I'll go talk to her," Clark said and headed for the stairs.

"And how are you, Jason?" Lois asked her son, as he appeared to be still pondering Sam's paternity.

"I'm fine, Mom, but … he hasn't changed, has he?"

Lois knew exactly who he was referring to. "No, Jason, he hasn't. He still hates your Father and everything he stands for, and now he's directed that hate towards you and your siblings. I just hope he never finds out about Sam."

Jason tried not to be angry at him. His Father always said that hate can only lead to far worst feelings and he never wanted his children to deal with any of it.

Lois took his hand. "We'll get through this, Jason, we will." She told him as she squeezed his hand. He was too quiet. "What else were you thinking?"

"I was thinking about Conner and how he'll react to all of this … when he finds out that he has another brother who's more deeply tied to Lex than he could ever be."

Lois frowned as she too pondered those words.


JoJo's bedroom, a few minutes later:

Clark took a deep breath, knocked on his daughter's door but when she didn't answer, he poked his head inside. "Can I come in, sweetie?"

JoJo sighed, left her window seat and went to sit on the bed. "Sure," she replied, just a bit unenthusiastic.

Clark sat down beside her. Her bed was a twin so he had to sit close to her and of course she gravitated to him. She put her arm around him accepting her Father's comfort.

"I'll listen when you're ready to talk, honey," Clark told her and waited for her to speak.

"Daddy, is it true?" JoJo began.

Clark frowned. "Is what true, sweetie?"

She pulled back and looked up into face. "That some people … hate you for who you are?"

"No, sweetie," Clark told her.

"But, that man on the plane…?"

"He doesn't hate me. He's afraid of the unknown, that's all."

"Afraid? He's afraid of you … of us?"

"Yes, sweetie, it's true. He's afraid of us, who we are and the things we can do. That fear can make people do and say things they don't really mean."

"I don't understand. You … love them … just like us." JoJo was sure of this.

"That's true, sweetie. I do, very much," he told her softly.

JoJo was beginning to understand. "Someday …" She hesitated.

"Someday what, sweetie?" Clark encouraged her to speak.

"Someday, everyone will know that you love them and not to be afraid. Right, Daddy?"

Clark was so moved that he pulled his baby close and kissed her forehead. "Yes, one day they will."


Later that same evening, the Kent house:

As Jason lay in bed unable to sleep thinking about Sam and what this could mean, he heard his brother enter the house. He knew it was him. He got out of bed and peeked out into the hall. "Conner, I need to talk to you."

"Now; it's pretty late," he replied, turning to face him.

"It won't take long. It's important."

"Ok," Conner replied as he went into this brother's room and shut the door. "What's got you up so late?"

"I overheard something earlier this evening." He paused then decided to spit it out. "Sam is Luthor's son."

Unbelieving and a bit shocked, Conner sat down on the bed and shook his head. "Is he a clone?"

"No, he's not," Jason replied, then, "He's a human like Mom."

"So that means …?" Conner began.

"Yes, if Luthor finds out, he could come after him."

"And Mom and Dad know about this?"

"Yes, they do."

Luthor had hurt enough people, but not Sam. "We'll have to look out for him and Aunt Kitty too," Conner said, determined to protect them.

Jason nodded and grinned, not surprised that would be his first reaction. "I know we do."


The next morning, Mercy's cell in county lock-up:

Mercy sat in her cell reading her plea deal drafted by her attorney to be delivered to the district attorney later that day. It had everything in there she had demanded. If her plans worked, then she could be out of jail in as little as six months. She had to convince the authorities that she had no idea that Lex wanted to kidnap children and run sick experiments on them.

Shockingly, they had believed her. Her stone face had come in handy. But thinking back on it now, they were just happy to extend Lex's sentence. He would never see the light of day again, as his sentence would now be … life in prison without parole.

Once the deal was settled and she did her time, then she would disappear. She just hoped Westfield had listened to her and he had done the same thing.


Paul's apartment in Metropolis:

Paul was seriously considering Mercy's idea. Emil was suddenly very suspicious of him. He had become careless and anxious after Lex had been caught and sent back to jail. According to his source at the station, Lex would never be released from prison.

He was out of options now, with no job to go back to once they saw the surveillance video of him stealing his file, and very little money saved, he may not have anything to bargain with, or maybe he did.

Paul was desperate for money. He then called Emil and explained to him what he knew about his son, knew where the boy was and to meet in and not to bring anyone with him. If he did, he would be truly sorry.


Amber Park Private School:

The timing had been perfect. Paul had no regrets at what he was about to do. He knew he was about to become the lowest form of human being, but he was desperate. Now, Paul's plan to get his hands on money to leave town, he pulled away from the curb with a terrified little boy in the back seat, he realized he would go to prison for a very long time if he ever got caught.

A few hours earlier, Paul had returned to Metropolis to finish his desperate plan for money. After leaving the prison where Lex would be housed for the rest of his natural life, speaking to an inmate and making sure a few guards were listening, Paul felt his plan would be successful maybe not right away but eventually, Lex would hear the rumor about his son. He had used his credentials as a physician to enter the prison. Inmates loved to talk. They had nothing else better to do.

Paul heard little Samuel Hamilton's whimpers and tears. He was tied up, lying on the floor of Westfield's car with a rag in his mouth. Tears streaked down his cheeks, but he knew his parents would find him. He knew this.

But little did Westfield know that Conner happened to be flying over the school to keep his promise to look out for Sam as well as for JoJo, and he had seen everything, and decided to follow him to see where he would take Sam.

When will all of this end? Conner thought.



A/N: The plot keeps thickening. This story calls for it. There's still a lot more story to tell. The next chapter will answer a lot of questions. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading. Reviews are love.

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