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Fic: Embracing Destiny (4/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (4/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Perry, Lex
Rating: T
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 3,200
Disclaimer:DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters. No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes:: In this next chapter, Conner was a hero, but it wasn’t always that way, and later, a desperate man sacrifices everything for those he loves. Read on and please leave a comment. Thanks! :D

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(Chapter 1)(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)

Chapter 4: Heroes

Five years earlier, the Hall of Justice in Metropolis:

Kon-El, aka Superboy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Robin, a newly formed teen superhero team known as Young Justice, were assembled at the Hall of Justice for their first assignment.

Batman, Superman, J'onn Jones, Green Arrow and Aquaman stood at the entrance and watched the new team get acquainted with their new surroundings. The heroes were still unsure as to how this was going to work, but once they explained that they would be junior members, Speedy wanted no part of it. He left in a huff.

"Now is the time. Anyone else care to leave?" Superman asked the remaining members. Silence followed.

Superboy, however, had spoken to his Father at length about who the leader would be, but he wasn't sure how the rest of the team was going to take the news that he was the leader of this group.

Superman came forward. "I know that each of you probably think that you should be the leader, but when you're out in the field, you are all equal. You must work together and in a few months, a vote will decide who will lead."

"But …?" Superboy began, but was interrupted.

Robin also spoke up. "I have the most experience."

"Did you not hear what I said?" Superman asked.

"We heard you," Robin muttered.

Superboy was silent. He felt betrayed by the one person he could trust.

Superman walked over to him as he caught his look. "Is there something you'd like to say Superboy?"

"No sir," Conner replied.

"You're dismissed," Superman told the group.

They all left the Hall of Justice each muttering to themselves.


Once the group had left the Hall, Batman had a question. "What was that all about?"

"I think I may have some idea," Superman replied.

"Please fill us in," Green Arrow wanted to know why the dissension among the group.

"Let's go back inside." Superman went inside the Hall and then told them about his recent conversations with Superboy.

"I see. It's just a misunderstanding?" Green Arrow thoughtfully asked.

"Yes, I'll clear it all up soon. Don't worry. I have faith this group will work out. They only need time to work on a few missions together, to get to know each other better, and then once a leader is chosen, they'll click ... just like we did."

"I agree," Batman said and had to chuckle remembering how quickly they had gotten along.

"So do I," J'onn also agreed smiling.

Green Arrow wasn't so sure about that. It took them months to get along, to accept their differences and work together, and they weren't even teenagers!


An hour later, Young Justice's secret headquarters in Hawaii:

Conner was furious with his Father for putting the entire group in this position. He tried to think of his reasons for setting up the group like this, but all he could remember were his words to him, "Because of your powers, you would be the stronger of the group." But the more he thought about those words, it didn't specifically mean he would be the leader. He felt like an idiot for misinterpreting his Father's words.

Suddenly, an alarm went off and monitors came alive with all manner of emergencies. The League was busy with a serious problem overseas, so Young Justice was called into action in multiple locations all over the country.

After that first assignment, the League kept close tabs of the progress of thieir missions, taking note of the team's actions away from the other and as a group. It was clear that Superboy was the strongest of the group, but his actions were erratic and unreliable. It was also clear that he was still growing into his powers. The League decided that the time would come when they would inevitably have to work together as a whole.

That would be their true test.


A few months later, on a mission to investigate mysterious explosions in and around Metropolis, it was becoming more apparent to the League that Superboy was definitely growing stronger and more self-assured. Conner also realized something during his brief encounter with his Father, that they were both a bit unsure as it was their first time working on the same assignment, but he had taught him that action not reaction was called for to defeat their enemy. He was learning a lot and with his Father's help and Conner hoped to learn even more in the future.

The time had finally come when a leader would be decided, and Superboy it turns out, was not that person, but it wasn't until after Ms. Martian had joined their team that Conner began to enjoy the group and he was a lot more agreeable to training and fitting into this new team.


Present day, the Kent Farm:

Conner had managed to calm his grandmother down long enough to find out what had happened. Apparently, a few armed men had entered the house while the kids were still in the barn. They had tied her up and that was all she knew. The amount of time between the men arriving at the front door, Ben finding her and his arrival was now several hours later. An 'Amber' Alert was also sent out once the police had been informed.

Conner had immediately taken to the skies to find some clue as to where they could have taken his siblings. He flew all over Smallville, even to as far as the neighboring towns, but he couldn't find anything. His hearing was also keen to all conversations, as he listened carefully for ten minutes or so, but then he thought he heard something. He tuned out as much as he could, and then he heard a woman's voice and she was shouting at someone.

"Both of them, but why?" The woman's voice shouted.

"Don't ask questions, just shut up and drive," a man's voice responded.

It must be them, Conner thought, so he followed the sound, hoping they would speak again and sure enough, they did.

"Lex, you know Superman will kill you for this," the woman said.

"I don't think so," the man told his companion.

Conner had heard enough. He followed the voices to an abandoned airstrip with a small plane on the outskirts of the city. Luthor must be losing his grip on reality if he thought they couldn't find them here only a few hours away from Smallville. He shook his head and waited to hear where they were taking Jason and JoJo.

Suddenly, he heard his Father's voice in his communicator. "Conner, where are you? Lois and I are here at the ranch."

"I found them Father. Luthor has them at an airstrip preparing to leave to who knows where. I thought I'd wait for you, but you have to hurry. I'm about nearly one hundred miles north at an abandoned airstrip."

"I'm on my way," he said. He then told Lois that Conner had found them and that he's waiting for him.

Lois kissed his cheek, her eyes bright. "Just bring them home," she pleaded to him.


On a small private jet on the outskirts of Smallville:

Jason and JoJo Kent were huddled together with green kryptonite tied around their throats. It wasn't enough to kill them, just to debilitate them and to keep them weak.

Jason tried to calm his little sister as best he could. "Everything will … be alright. Conner and Dad … will find us."

"I'm … scared," JoJo whimpered then pulled her brother close.

Jason had felt powerless against Luthor and the men who caught them by surprise coming out of the barn. They had both ran as fast as they could but then they both felt the effects of green kryptonite and they had fallen to the ground. Jason had not seen Lex Luthor since that fateful day on the yacht but he would know that face anywhere. The man really was insane if he thought he could get away with this.

Luthor watched the children huddled together. He shook his head truly shocked to realize that Jason and JoJo were both the children of Superman. That could mean only one thing … Clark Kent and Superman were one in the same. It was an unbelievable thought, one that had eluded him for years, but now he knew the connection. Now he understood why Clark Kent had taken Conner into his family so easily without any questions asked.

Smiling to himself, he watched the kids grow weaker, but then he heard a noise outside and that hated voice called to him. "Come out, Luthor, you're surrounded."

"Wait a minute," Luthor said and went to the door of the plane. "It's you!"

"Who were you expecting?" Conner replied.

Luthor then pulled out a gun and pointed it to the kids. "You can take the kids, but I want you. You're the one I want," Luthor told him.

Conner frowned at that statement, eyed the gun and wondered if he could take it from him with his abilities, but his other goons were inside with orders to shoot the kids. He had no choice. "Let them go, and then … I'll go with you," he told him.

Luthor smiled. "Let them go," he told Mercy and his goons.

"But, you can't do that," Mercy was confused by his actions. "What about our plans?"

"I said let them go," he told her firmly.

Mercy sighed, untied the kids, took the green kryptonite from around their throats and then they came out barely able to walk. They held tightly to the other as they alowly exited the plane.

Conner watched his siblings feeling hatred and disgust for Luthor and what he had tried to do. He went to them and held them close. He took them a bit further from the plane, and told them to give their Father a device he handed to Jason and that he would see them soon.

"But Conner, you can't go with him," Jason pleaded to his brother.

"Don't worry; Father will find me," Conner told him believing it with all his heart.

"Let's go!" Luthor hollered.

"Conner!" JoJo whimpered. "Please don't go!"

He touched her cheek. "I'll see you soon ... I promise."

Jason pulled his sister close to his side as she began to cry. Minutes later, the small plane was in the air and gone from their sight.

Seconds later, Superman showed up and saw his children. He landed then pulled them in for a hug. "Are you hurt? Where's Conner?"

Jason pointed to the disappearing plane. "Luthor took him away. He gave himself up to him, Dad … for us."

"Daddy, you have to bring him back," JoJo whimpered.

Clark frowned as he watched the plane as it flew further and further away. I can't leave the children here all alone.

"Dad, Conner said to give you this," Jason said and handed him a small device.

'It's a tracking device," he said and grinned at Conner's quick thinking or maybe this was his plan all along. "Come on, your Mother is waiting for you," he told them and picked them up and headed back to Smallville.


Back at the farm, Lois had just received word from the League that they would be arriving shortly. Just then she heard a swooshing sound and knew it was her husband.

Lois, Martha and Ben came out of the house and saw Clark and the children. Lois ran to them and hugged them close. "Jason, JoJo, thank goodness, but ... where's Conner?"

"Let's go inside and then I'll explain," Clark told his wife.

"Clark, the League just called. They're on their way," Lois told him.

"Good, we'll need them. Sit down, honey, Mom, Ben," Clark quietly said.

Everyone sat down as Clark paced for a moment. "Conner is with Luthor," he hurriedly told them without preamble.

"Oh, no, what happened?" Martha asked so worried for her grandson.

"Conner went with him … so Luthor would let us go," Jason sadly told them.

"Oh, honey, he did?" Lois murmured and pulled her children close to her side.

"Yes, he did, but Conner left us with a tracking device, Lois. We'll find him in no time," Clark told her feeling proud of his son.

"But what if Luthor finds the device, what then?" Ben asked.

"That's why I have to leave now. I can't wait for the League. Tell them I'll be in touch as soon as I can."

He leaned over and kissed his wife and kids and then he was gone.


Five minutes later:

Batman, Wonder Woman and J'onn Jones arrived at the ranch ready to begin their search for the children.

"Where is he?" Bruce asked as he entered the farmhouse, looked around and didn't see Clark.

"Clark is gone. He left a few minutes ago," Lois responded. She was in the kitchen fixing everyone a meal. Martha and the kids were still traumatized.

"Superman, can you hear me?" Bruce asked through his communicator. "He's not answering. Do you have any idea which way he went?"

"Luthor's plane took off about 100 miles north of here," Jason told them then he turned to his Mother. "Mom, can I go with them? I can help … please?" He asked, hoping this was his chance to prove himself.

"Jason, no, I don't think so," Lois responded firmly.

"He may be able to help us, Lois," Wonder Woman said.

"How? How can a teenager help you?" Lois asked.

"Well, he is his father's son. Need I say more?" She asked, knowing she couldn't argue with that statement.

"Well, I don't know," Lois hesitated.

Jason saw it as an opening. "I'll go change. Wait for me." He hurriedly told the League before his mother could think about it further. He turned and sprinted quickly up the stairs, and was back in five seconds clad in his new superhero uniform that Lois had never seen before. He was wearing a blue tee shirt with red and gold 'S' on his chest, black jeans and a black leather jacket. It was almost identical to Conner's first costume.

"Jason?" Lois gasped at her son.

"We have to hurry," Bruce said and headed out.

Jason kissed his Mom's cheek. "I'll be in touch. Don't worry, Mom."

"Do as Batman says and you'll be alright," Lois said and prayed that be the case. She pulled him close for a hug and kissed his cheek.

"Bye, Jason!" JoJo, Martha and Ben hollered after him.

"Bye, JoJo, Grandma, Mr. Ben!" Jason hollered back.

Then he was gone.


On Luthor's plane, still headed north:

Luthor couldn't tear his eyes away from the young man staring at him with such hatred. He shook his head and wondered about fate, Superman and his son. "I can't get over how much you look like him, and sound like him too."

"Better him than you," Conner taunted with a smirk.

Luthor chuckled. "I happen to agree with you." He surprised himself with that statement. "So you know?"

"Yes, I know," Conner replied as he stared at him trying to read him.

"I admit my plans have changed now," Luthor began.

"How have your plans changed? I'm Superman's son … not yours," Conner told him firmly.

"You are my son, Conner, just as much, maybe even more so."

"Never," Conner didn't believe that not for a minute.

"Oh, don't let that 'S' on your chest fool you. You are mine and I intend to prove it."

Conner chuckled, but inside he wondered what he could mean by that statement. "Where are we going?"

"We'll be there shortly. Just sit tight," Luthor told him.

A few minutes passed and Conner couldn't hold it in anymore. He needed to understand why Lex was doing this and most of all, why he hated his Father. "I've always wondered. Why do you hate my Father so much? What did he do to you? He would never hurt anyone, not ever."

"I can't believe you would ask me that. I hate him because he is what he is."

"Because he's an alien? Really?" Conner couldn't believe it. There must be more to it.

"Why do you think I hate him?" Luthor was curious about him and what went through his mind.

Conner thought about it for a moment. "I've had years to think about this and the way I see it ... you're jealous of the things he can do. But if he were an ordinary guy, then maybe I would think you two could be friends maybe ... in another lifetime, of course."

Lex had to chuckle. "Superman and me ... friends? Not in this lifetime or any other. Now that you can believe."

Conner just shook his head at that statement.



A/N: Just a little shout out to Smallville there! I hope you enjoyed it. A big chapter coming up! Stay tuned. Update in about a week. Thanks for reading, everyone. Reviews are love!

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