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Fic: Embracing Destiny (2/?)

Title: Embracing Destiny (2/?)
Author: Babette babettew54
Category: Superman Movie-verse
Characters: Lois/Clark/Kal-El, Conner, Jason, Martha, Lex
Rating: PG
Summary: Lois and Clark must fight harder than they’ve ever fought before to keep their family together.
Word Count: 3,100
Disclaimer:DC Comics/Warner Brothers owns these characters. No profit is being made from this story. This is strictly for my own amusement.
Author’s Notes:: In this next chapter, Lois, Clark, Jason and Conner thought that their family’s future was bright, but outside influences could change everything. Their very lives could depend upon them sticking together as only a family can. I hope you like it. Read on and please leave a comment. Thanks! :D

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(Chapter 1)

Chapter 2: A Bright Future

S.T.A.R. Labs, eight months after Christmas:

Clark Kent sat in a hospital chair beside his wife, Lois, now asleep, holding his one-hour old daughter, named Joanne Josephine or 'JoJo,' his eyes bright and his heart overflowing with love. He looked up when a quiet knock came at the door.

It was Conner, Martha, and Jason who quietly came inside hoping for another look at the baby. They had seen her but only from a distance in the nursery. She was perfect weighing in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces, healthy and strong, just as they had hoped.

Clark held up two fingers to his lips to keep them quiet. Both Lois and JoJo were getting some much needed rest.

But then they all gasped as Clark showed them the baby.

"She's beautiful, Clark," Martha whispered, both Conner and Jason agreed.

Martha wanted to hold her and Clark got up and Martha took the baby to another chair holding her close. She cooed and spoke quietly to her not wanting to wake her up. Martha raised her shining eyes to her son. "Is she ok, son, I mean …?" She tentatively asked.

Jason was also wondering the same thing.

"She's perfect. Lois and I worked with the doctors and she's going to be alright, no lingering problems," Clark replied and smiled.

"That's wonderful news, Dad," Jason said.

Clark watched Conner hovering over the baby. "Would you like to hold her?" He asked his oldest son.

"Oh, I don't know …" Conner hesitated even though he wanted to hold her.

Martha stood up then. "Take a seat, that's it. Now hold her head in the crook of your arm and she'll be fine. That's it," she instructed.

Conner was a bit dumbstruck as he stared at this little person, his sister. He knew what he was and where he had come from, that he had Lex Luthor's DNA. He also sensed his father had not wanted to talk in length about it, so he hadn't brought it up. Staring his little sister, he remembered that he was not born this way, but in a lab.

Conner had grown rather rapidly, but that growth had slowed down to a normal human, but he wasn't a human. He was an alien being like his Father, but he was also a human clone too. He stared at the baby and tried to accept what he was but it was hard. He abruptly stood up and took the baby to Jason.

Jason held his sister close, knowing they were the same. JoJo took that moment to open her eyes. "Oh, Dad look, she has our eyes," Jason said not really meaning to exclude Conner, but to Conner's ears, it had meant something else entirely.

"We all have the same eyes, Jason. It's in the genes, as they say," Clark said hoping to appease Conner.

"I didn't mean …" Jason began. "Conner …?" He looked to his brother for understanding.

"It's fine. I'll be back in a minute," Conner said then quietly left the room, his family staring after him.

"Conner, wait," Clark said and went after him.

Lois took that moment to wake up. "Clark?"

"He'll be back in a minute, Mom," Jason said and handed her the baby because she had also awakened. JoJo was hungry, it seemed as she began to whimper and cry. Lois rocked her for a minute and managed to give her a feeding.

Martha came over to the bed. "I'm afraid Conner is still finding his heritage a bit hard to accept, and seeing the baby brought it all back to him."

"Oh, I see," Lois thoughtfully said. "Clark will know what to say to him," she murmured knowing it to be true.


"Conner wait!" Clark called out to him again.

Conner stopped walking and sat down in the visiting area which was pretty deserted, except for a few nurses.

Conner sighed as he watched his father sit beside him. "I know what you're going to say, that it doesn't matter how I came to be, that you love me, and everything will work out," he said but words were not the problem. He was different and what he was and what he felt was hard to explain.

"Conner, I know what you're feeling, I do. You know I was raised to be human being, but when I found out who and what I was it sent me into a tailspin too. I couldn't accept it, not at first."

He looked to his Father then. "How did you accept it?"

"My parents truly loved and wanted me. It didn't matter to them where I had come from or how I came to be their son." He touched his shoulder. "They needed me too."

"But you have a family ... Lois, Jason and now JoJo. You don't need me," Conner said. He stood up and went to stand at the window and looked up at the stars.

Clark sighed and thought about his words. They hadn't planned on finding Conner, but they had. He was as much a part of the family as JoJo was now, but how could he make him understand that fact? He thought back to many of his talks with his Father, and one thing stood out loud and clear. Love had no boundaries or limits.

Clark came over to him and touched his shoulder. He too looked up at the stars. "The universe is a big place, Conner. After I found out what I was, I never imagined that I could be loved and accepted, but I was." He turned him to face him and he couldn't help it as his eyes filled up. "Conner, look at me," he whispered and waited. "We love you, Conner. It doesn't matter to us where you came from. We love you and we need you. Please come back inside."

Connor wanted desperately to believe him. "You really mean that, don't you?"

Clark pulled him to him. "Believe it because it's true, son."

Conner hugged him back. "I believe you … I love you, too, Dad," he whispered and closed his eyes.

They stood that way for a moment. "Come on, Lois is awake and so is the baby."

"Yeah, I heard them too," he said and smiled.


Nine years later:

Lois, Clark, Conner, Jason and their daughter JoJo, who was now nine years of age, have moved on with their lives. Clark Kent's identity was still a secret to the outside world. About three years ago, Lois Lane-Kent was awarded another Pulitzer Prize. She would keep this one for her article on the Middle East crisis.

Conner and Jason, with most of their powers fully developed, but had been able to stay in private school and get a good education. Their parents had explained to them in turn about teenage hormones and how their powers could be affected by those changes. Jason had not learned how to fly yet. It was a constant worry for him to accept that it would take time for all his powers to come in.

Their parents were always loving and available for them to talk to them about all of it, and they had no problem discussing it with them … when they were younger. Now, everything was different.

Like most teenagers, Jason certainly was not immune to rebellion. Conner had outgrown his rebellious stage, and now it was happening again. Lois and Clark tried to answer all his questions, but some of them were difficult and painful for him to understand.

Jason had asked his Dad the other day. "Why can't I play soccer with my friends? But I like soccer and playing tennis too. Why not Dad? I can control myself."

JoJo had much the same questions only with different sports. Clark had explained again all the reasons why they couldn't play any sports, and he was truly sorry, but sports were not in their futures. Jason wasn't sure what his future would hold.

Conner had been with the Young Justice team for about three years now and the team was doing very well. In fact, Conner was thinking of getting a place of his own in Metropolis.

Clark and Lois were packing their bags for their much needed one-week vacation away from the kids, away from super-hero duties, and away from the Planet, Clark couldn't help but feel concern for all of them. JoJo and Jason would be in Smallville and Conner would at the house alone. They trusted him and they knew he would be alright by himself.


Jason had grown into a brilliant, obedient and hard-working student and it had paid off in the way his teachers and his family saw him. He had been named valedictorian of his senior class even though he had just turned seventeen, a full year younger than most of his fellow classmates, but they had not held that against him.

Jason was very handsome young man, with a shock of dark hair and deep blue eyes. He was polite and never got into any trouble at school. He was tall for his age, almost reaching six feet in height. His fellow students knew how smart he was, but that was not what impressed them. It was the fact that Jason didn't look down on his fellow students as if he were better than them, in fact he was very humble. Jason was proud but he didn't show it, well except to his parents.

But the one area where he felt deficient and unsure was his desire to take up the superhero mantel of his father, Superman, Kal-El of Krypton, the Man of Steel and many other famous names he had been given over the years. Jason had lost count of the many talks with his parents about that very thing, but he had been patient knowing his parents were right because all his powers had not fully developed, meaning his ability to fly.

To Jason, flying was not that important, but his father saw it as Jason not being ready or he needed more time and to be more patient. Jason saw things differently, because although his ability to fly seemed to elude him, his other powers had his father sit up and take notice. Not only could he hear all of his family's heartbeats, but his eyesight was considered extraordinary. His running speeds around the farm in Smallville had his father blink at the stop watch in his hand and shake his head.

Jason had promised his parents that he would go to college, but he still had not been able to get a promise from them that he could join the Young Justice team as a junior member to go on missions and to take on serious assignments with his brother Conner, but he would not give up his dream. It was in his blood after all.

"Jason, are you ready?" It was Lois calling her son from the front door. "Our flight leaves in two hours. Hurry up, now!"


Conner, on the other hand, had grown into a strong and confident young man. Since finishing school with impressive grades and a new attitude, Conner was a strong and trustworthy superhero. His Father and all the fellow Justice League members told him, and he couldn't help but feel proud, especially when his Father spoke to him, took him aside and told him how proud he was of him and everything that he had accomplished since joining Young Justice.

Conner's abilities also had his Father sit up and take notice. Not only could he fly at speeds that astonished his Father, but he had the ability to not only manipulate objects with his mind but with his hands and body as well, meaning tactile telekinesis.

About a month after their first Christmas, Conner, Jason and his Father had travelled to the Fortress for a history lesson. Conner had not realized the extent of his powers until that visit. There both he and Jason were analyzed by their 'grandfather the AI' or Jor-El and were told of their Kryptonian powers: flight, invulnerability, superhuman speed, superhuman strength, superhuman hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision, telescopic vision and super breath.

Jason listened to Jor-El and tried not to get upset. He had all of those abilities, but flight. It still eluted him. He tried not to be angry at his brother. It wasn't his fault. Flight would come in time; he just needed to be patient.

Conner, Jason and his Father stood at the podium that contained the Father crystal. Clark inserted the crystal and then Jor-El began the story of Clark's arrival there on Earth all those years ago, his abilities and his heritage passed down from Him and his Mother, Lara.

After Jor-El had finished, Clark turned to Conner and told him of how he had come to them that fateful day nearly a year ago.

"I know about Lex Luthor, Dad," Conner announced. "I overheard you and Mom talking last year on Christmas Eve."

"But why didn't you say anything, come to me to talk about it?" Clark was worried that Conner had never said a word.

He shrugged. "I was shocked at first, but I knew you would tell me in time. It doesn't matter to me, Dad." Conner looked up at his Father. "I love you, Mom, Jason and JoJo more than anything in this world."

Jason and Clark were truly moved. Clark squeezed his shoulder. "We know you do, right Jason?" He asked his other son.

"Yeah we know, Conner," Jason told him, also moved.

"Great, now, about my apartment in the city …?" Conner asked hoping to get his Father to agree. He didn't appear to like the idea, at least not since he had first mentioned it several months ago.

Clark hid a chuckle. "Now is not the time to get into that. I wanted to show you both some more crystals containing your heritage," Clark told him hoping to avoid the subject.

Jason knew what his Father was doing. He didn't want Conner to move out either. They would all miss him. He was fun to be around, always joking and laughing, so different from when he had first came to them.

"Alright, Dad, but you promise we'll talk about it later?" Conner was not above begging. Even though he was almost twenty-one, he did need their signatures on the lease.

"Yes, we'll talk about it later," Clark assured him and went about the Kryptonian lessons. The language was not a problem for his two sons. JoJo was still too young to begin her training, but the boys found the language fascinating and unique. Clark could not have been more proud of his children.


Meanwhile, in upstate New York:

Lex Luthor was still behind bars locked up in a maximum security prison. Clark had visited him six months after he had been sent to prison and Luthor had given him a warning. Clark had taken heed to the warning and suggested to the warden days later that Lex's guards be on rotation, just in case. Money was a temptation to all men and guards were no different. Lex had been sentenced to twenty-five to forty years in prison for his attempt on Superman's life, his cloning of humans, and countless other crimes and felonies.

Luthor knew their secret that Jason was the offspring of Lois Lane and Superman. He was under constant guard, and he had no visitors or communications with the outside world. He did not know however, that Clark Kent was in fact, Superman.

Lex was also the mastermind behind the cloning of Conner Kent, using his DNA and the DNA of Superman. Luthor's accomplices worked behind the scenes to make sure that Clark Kent was the recipient of the 'clone' Conner and where he had come from and took great pleasure from that knowledge, knowing that Clark Kent was raising 'his' son.

This had better work, Luthor thought. I've paid the man a fortune to look the other way. It was time to get out of this hellhole. His plans were almost complete. Although his guard had been changed up every few years, he had no problem getting information from the outside. He knew where Clark's son was and he also knew how he was going to kidnap him and force him to kill Superman.

Ten years, ten long years, he'd watched and waited for this moment. He didn't take him long to find out that Lois and Clark would be away for a week.

He laughed manically then. After all these years, Superman would die and by his own son's hand.



A/N: Yeah, crazy Lex; Lex is crazy. Thanks for reading. Update in about two weeks! Thanks for reading. Reviews are love, guys!

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